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The complete Learning Series has been designed in a very systematic and logical manner. Each topic has been developed from the basic concepts. Practically every major point in the text is illustrated with suitable examples and sceen shots. This will help the students in understanding the basic theory and train them in solving every problem systematically, and confidently. A large number of unsolved as well as solved exercises have also been included in the book. The language of the text of the book is lucid, direct and easy-to understand. Each chapter is laced with various diagrams wherever possible. Functions has been explained in full and some of them have been explained in the form of examples. Tips for working faster using the keyboard shortcuts are also provided. About the Author For the last fifteen years, Ramesh Bangia, has been writing computer books on various topics. He has written books for Schools. Training Institutes, Technical Universities, Distance Education Programs, Colleges and General. His tally of books exceeds 500 in number. Trained both in India and Abroad and having studied at IIT Delhi, he becomes automatic choice for most of the publishers in India. Though based in Delhi, his books are popular all over India and are even exported to Middle Ease and African countries.




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