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CSCs are the access points for delivery of essential public utility services, social welfare schemes, healthcare, financial, education and agriculture services, apart from host of B2C services to citizens in rural and remote areas of the country. It is a pan-India network catering to regional, geographic, linguistic and cultural diversity of the country, thus enabling the Government’s mandate of a socially, financially and digitally inclusive society.

Insurance agent id at just Rs 99.
-95 %
Brand: airtree Model: Insurance Agent-1
vle can do insurance from all insurance companiesCAR InsuranceBIKE Ins..
₹99.00 ₹1,999.00
Mantra MFS 100 1 year Rd Service
-70 %
Brand: Mantra Model: mantra mfs 100 Rd Service-1
this is 1 year Rd Service For mantra Device,Please Provide Correct Ser..
₹149.00 ₹499.00
Mantra MFS100 Biometric Fingerprint Scanner (Grey)
-31 %
Brand: Mantra Model: mfs100
MFS 100 OPTICAL FINGERPRINT SENSORMFS100 is high quality USB fingerpri..
₹2,399.00 ₹3,500.00
Mantra MIS100 V2 - USB Single Iris Scanner for Ayushman Bharat Yojana
-70 %
Brand: Mantra Model: B07HNPQHJ2-1
Ideal for Ayushman Bharat Yojana ..
₹3,149.00 ₹10,500.00
Mantra USB Cable for Mantra MFS100
-70 %
Brand: Mantra Model: 0.000000
Cable for Fingerprint device ..
₹149.00 ₹499.00
Morpho Aadhaar kit Renewed
-54 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Morpho Model: Morpho adhaar kit-1
Product Details:Products IncludedIRIS Scanner, PrinterSTQC CertifiedYe..
₹29,999.00 ₹65,000.00
Morpho MSO 1300 E3 Fingerprint scanner
-68 %
Brand: Morpho Model: morpho mso 1300 E3
The Morpho Smart 1300 Series (or MSO 1300 Series) is a range of compac..
₹3,199.00 ₹9,999.00
Morpho RD Service Online Registration
-50 %
Brand: Morpho Model: Morpho RD Service-1
If following error messages, flow after connecting your Morpho device:..
₹499.00 ₹999.00
Pay2India Digital Payment Id Aeps,Money Transfer, Ticketing
-68 %
Brand: Pay2India Model: Pay2india-1
 Aadhaar BankingA service that helps customers withdraw & dep..
₹799.00 ₹2,499.00
Precision PB510 USB Fingerprint Reader
-25 %
Brand: Precision Model: PB 510-1
Compatible for all android devices ..
₹2,999.00 ₹3,999.00
SecuGen HU20 Hamster Pro 20 Fingerprint Scanner
-50 %
Brand: secugen Model: HU20-1
Quick and secure fingerprint login to PCs running Windows 7, 8, and 8...
₹2,999.00 ₹5,999.00
Startek FM 220U Payment Device, Time & Attendance, Access Control, Door Locks   (Fingerprint)
-50 %
Brand: Startek Model: STARTEK FM-220-1
Highlights Scratch Proof Figerprint Capacity 10000000 Identificat..
₹1,999.00 ₹3,999.00
-7 %
Brand: UTi Model: uti-pan-psa-coupons-1
We provide Utiitsl Authorized Pan Card Center in India. Duri..
₹99.00 ₹107.00
UTI Pan PSA Distributor ID
-95 %
Brand: UTi Model: UTIITSL distrubutorship-1
₹999.00 ₹19,999.00
UTI Pancard PSA login id
-98 %
Brand: UTi Model: psa-uti-login-1
Some features of PAN services - Register for PAN services and ge..
₹49.00 ₹1,999.00
Brand: UTi Model: psa-uti-login-1
Some features of PAN services -Register for PAN services and get usern..
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