• https://vlebazaar.in/morpho-mso-1300-e3Fingerprint scanners are important for biometric authentication and attendance verification in offices. These are also widely used for UIDAI services like Aadhaar enrollment. The best fingerprint scanners are fast, accurate, resistant to scratches and impact and are equipped to detect fingerprints that are dry, moist or even those that are smudged.

    Here’s a list of the best fingerprint scanners.

    1. Morpho 1300 E3

    The Morpho Smart 1300 Series (or MSO 1300 Series) is a range of compact biometric USB devices. They use Morpho's patented optical technology and fingerprint algorithms, both acknowledged worldwide for their high levels of performance and their exceptional robustness. Morpho fingerprint technology is ranked #1 by NIST for accuracy. The Morpho Smart 1300 Series offers a reliable, ergonomic and cost-effective solution for enrollment, identity verification and user identification. Their match-on-device or match-on-card functions guarantee the faultless protection of information and the security of desktop applications. MorphoSmart devices are small USB fingerprint sensors of high quality which enable to enrol, authenticate and identify users.

    Best Biometric device for csc,  and all other portals

    2. Mantra MFS 100

    The Mantra MFS100 Biometric fingerprint scanner comes with an optical sensor that is said to be scratch-free. The sensor is also said to be resistant to scratches, impact, vibration and electrostatic shock. It is UIDAI certified, and the sensor surface is said to have the Lowest False Rejection Rate (FRR) and False Acceptance Rate (FAR). This fingerprint scanner can be used for authentication, identification and verification.

    best for aadhar UCL

    3.Startek FM220U Fingerprint Scanner

    This fingerprint scanner is also UIDAI certified so it can be used for Aadhaar authentication. It is said to offer a fast scanning speed, and non-distorted image quality. The Startek FM220 fingerprint scanner is also said to easily detect fingerprints that are smeared, scarred, stained or smudged. In addition to Aadhaar, it can be used for Apna CSC, NDLM, DigiLocker, and Jeevan Pramaan.

    Best for ayushman bharat and Jeevan Pramaan

    4. Cogent Csd 200

    The CSD 200, 3M Cogent's single-digit optical fingerprint scanner, is housed in a durable and compact casing and captures high quality flat impressions in a fast, reliable, and easy-to-learn way. Its advanced optical system enhances ambient light rejection.

    secugen hamester 20

    The Hamster Pro 20 biometric fingerprint scanner from SecuGen has a lightweight design as it weighs only 80 grams. It is an optical USB fingerprint sensor with 500 DPI resolution. The fingerprint scanner has an auto-on feature that automatically detects the finger when it’s placed on the reader. It is also equipped to detect difficult-to-scan fingers like those that are dry, moist, aged or scarred. The glass plate on the fingerprint scanner is resistant to scratches, impact, corrosion, and electrostatic shock.

    6. Precision 510